The Story of an Island

Witness the incredible journey of this beautiful island from pre-historical times, the might of the Roman Empire, the heritage of the Arab civilization, the Knights of Malta and the Great Siege, right through being a British colony and Malta’s unique bravery during the Second World War, up to contemporary Malta and what makes us what we are today.

A formidable team of actors, dancers, fire-jugglers and horsemen, the use of the latest lighting techniques and a stunningly visual show accompanied by original music, make this an appointment not be missed.

The one hour show pays attention to historical detail with costumes, props and accessories which are typical of their time. Join us in a unforgettable journey full of light, colour and spectacle.

The Story of an Island should be your first stop in Malta: it will inspire the rest of your visit. The show immerses adults and children into a whirlwind of historical events.

Prior this live spectacular show we offer also a traditional cuisine buffet!