Wine Vaults

Classic, mysterious, unique – our wine vaults are set to impress

As you walk down the 15-metre long majestic tunnel, flanked by classical marble statues, we invite you to take in the impressive vastness of the Montekristo Wine Vaults. This unique venue comprises four wide halls that are separated by lavish stone arches. Crafted mahogany ceilings and translucent marble flooring exude a sense of classical luxury, whereas heavy wrought iron chandeliers and other subtle lighting fixtures complete the atmosphere with their soft glow.

Mysterious tunnels, hewn out of the living rock, fan out on three sides of the main hall. The largest of these tunnels, ‘Calypso’s Lair’ offers an exotic setting for larger groups, whereas the remaining more intimate alcoves offer the opportunity of hosting smaller events.

Operating with a capacity of 2,000 guests, the Montekristo Wine Vaults are an ideal venue for large events and banquets, gala dinners and large receptions.







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Wine Vaults (5)

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